NRL 2022: Manly Sea Eagles drama has taken a toll on Trbojevic brothers – Code

Tom and Jake Trbojevic have close relationships with Des Hasler, so if the embattled coach is out the door at Manly, could the star brothers follow suit?
Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly become any more explosive at Brookvale.
The manager of Tom and Jake Trbojevic has revealed Manly’s champion brothers fear their club is “imploding” and how the “conflict and internal rumblings” had “taken a toll” on the footballing pair.
And a brutally honest Paul Sutton, from the SFX Sports Group, said the Trbojevic brothers were “disappointed in the club’s behaviour.”
Jake is so upset he even rang Sutton to express his dismay from England, where he is representing Australia at the World Cup.
Tom is telling friends he has heard several times that elements inside the club have been bad mouthing him and believe he’s overpaid. Manly has strenuously denied this but Tom is unsettled.
“They feel that the club that they love is imploding in front of their eyes,” Sutton said. “They are really down in the dumps with the place.
“If it continues, it is wearing and once the place becomes unsavoury, what do you do? If it becomes untenable …
“Obviously you’d assume Tommy would be a Sea Eagle for life but all the internal rumblings and conflict have taken a toll on him mentally.
“He has expressed to me his disappointment in the club’s behaviour. He has expressed he is unhappy – both Jake and Tom have.
“Jake has called me from England expressing how unhappy he is with the club. It’s the same as with Tom, this has taken a toll on him.
“All this has probably changed the narrative in terms of how they felt in the past.”
Sutton added: “We haven’t spoken to any other clubs.”
The Trbojevic brothers are local juniors who are adored by the club’s supporter base.
Manly’s pride jumper fiasco, the club’s horror late-season capitulation and now the impending sacking of coach Des Hasler has Jake and Tom rattled and aggrieved.
The brothers previously would never speak negatively about Manly. Now the pair is wide-eyed and mature, that stance has changed.
Jake and Tom — who share the same management company as Hasler — are on contract at the club until the end of 2026. Tom continues to hear external suggestions that the club’s desire to keep him is waning.
“No one from the club has told Tom that personally but he has heard it a number of times,” said one friend. “He is hearing things, he’s not stupid and it’s not ideal.
“It would take a lot to happen but Tom would leave if that was the case. He has just come back from holidays and wishes he was still overseas.”
He also feels saddened and disappointed over the treatment of Hasler, on his way out of Manly to be replaced by Anthony Seibold.
Hasler and the Trbojevic brothers share a close bond. Both have publicly backed their embattled coach.
It appears likely Hasler’s reign at Manly will end by the end of this week with the coach either to resign and receiving a pay out or being sacked by the club.
Hasler could continue in 2023 – he has a contract – but does not want to coach under the stipulations imposed on him by club management.
Originally published as NRL 2022: Manly Sea Eagles drama has taken a toll on Trbojevic brothers
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