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Australia’s best Ultimate Frisbee players descended on the Goulburn Valley at the weekend, as the 2022 division one Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships were run and won at Shepparton Sports City.
NSW-based team Pompey Magnus came away with the division one crown, besting Manly Mussels 15-10 in a thrilling grand final on Sunday afternoon.
Choc Billa took home third place, defeating Adelaide Era in the third-placed play-off, while Chilly Chimichanga rounded out the top five after beating The Sunflowers in its final play-off.
The men’s MVP award was given to Adelaide Era’s Tony Castrignano, with his return of 50 points having him well clear of second-placed Jake Wilson (35 points) from Wild Wild Wyndham.
The race for the top women’s gong was much closer, with Obilivion’s Hanna Seers (38 points) edging out The Sunflowers’ Lucy Deller (37 points).
Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships continue this weekend with the division two competition taking place at Shepparton Sports City from Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16.
News photographer Megan Fisher made her way down to capture the action from the Oblivion v Manly Mussels match on Saturday afternoon.
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