Novak Djokovic faces showdown with authorities as Australian Open chief discusses ban – Express

Craig Tiley discussed Novak Djokovic's ban from Australia
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The Australian Open tournament director has discussed Novak Djokovic’s ban from the country as the world No 7 waits to learn whether he can return in time for the first Grand Slam of 2023. Djokovic faces a showdown with authorities as multiple Australian politicians have now spoken out against allowing him back into the country.
Craig Tiley has addressed Djokovic’s ban from Australia with the first Grand Slam of 2023 now three months away. The nine-time champion Down Under was deported at the start of the year and unable to play the tournament, receiving an automatic three-year ban from returning after having his visa cancelled.
As he waits to learn whether he can have his ban removed, the Australian Open tournament director and chief of Tennis Australia Craig Tiley confirmed that the world No 7 was hoping to return to the tournament come January. “I do know he’d like to return to the AO,” he told Sky News Australia.
“He’s the nine-time champion and of course we always want the best players in the world to compete.” But the Aussie Open boss said it would be up to the government as to whether Djokovic could return, hinting a showdown between the 35-year-old and the authorities for a second year running.
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Novak Djokovic is a nine-time Australian Open championTiley added: “It’s a matter between him and the relevant federal authorities.” His words come as two politicians have expressed fears over allowing him back into the country. Home Minister Karen Andrews said it would be a “slap in the face for those people in Australia who did the right thing (and) got vaccinated” were Djokovic able to return before 2025.
“There would have been other people in similar circumstances that have also had their visas cancelled,” she told ABC Radio on Monday. “So if immigration now chooses to make a special allowance for Novak Djokovic the obvious question is what are they going to do about anyone else who may be in similar circumstances?”
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Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia in JanuaryAnd the shadow Tourism Minister admitted that the country’s immigration system needed to be “protected” even though he wanted to see Djokovic back at the Australian Open as a tennis fan. “As a tennis lover, I’d love to see him there,” Dan Tehan told Sky News Australia.
“But the most important thing here is that we protect the integrity of our immigration system. The rules about coming into Australia have changed, you don’t have to be vaccinated anymore. If they decide that he can come, they’ve got to do so in making that decision in a way to protect the integrity of our immigration system.”

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