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More people engaged in water polo – that’s the goal of Project 10X that has been launched by Water Polo Australia and the State Associations.
Project 10X is designed to deliver transformational growth of Water Polo in Australia by offering various forms of water polo to four key target markets.
Over the next 10 years, Water Polo aims to expand its participant base 10 fold, to over 200,000 participants from all ages, backgrounds and skills levels.
The four key target markets include:
All levels of Water Polo administration are working collectively to deliver the programs, with the appointment of 10 Development Officers in metro and regional areas across Australia funded through a Participation Grant from Sport Australia
Thanks to the support of Sport Australia combined with strategic partnerships with industry providers and sponsors, including Belgravia Leisure, Aligned Leisure and KAP7, Water Polo is able to present a unique offering to all communities.
Water Polo Australia CEO, Richard McInnes, said the collaborative approach that all levels of the sport are taking with Project 10X will deliver real growth for water polo over the next 10 years, and beyond.
“Our sport has enjoyed success within our high performance, pathways and club programs which has positioned us as one of the iconic summer of sports in Australia,” said McInnes.
“We know the way people are engaging in sport today has changed from traditional club memberships and they are looking for flexibility, variety and an opportunity to enjoy time with their friends.
“Project 10X is about opening our sport up to more participants, to introduce them to our great game in a social, easy and fun way. We understand our proud history as an Olympic sport and this remains, but there are many thousands out there, with no desire to be an Olympian, who love all the attributes of the game.
“The opportunity for AFL, League, Union, Netball and Basketball players of all levels and backgrounds to jump in the water during the Australian summer with their teammates and play a game with so many similar characteristics to what they do in winter, seems hard to resist. They get to stay fit, stay cool, have fun with minimal risk of injury, so they are ready to go for their next winter season.
“While these programs are not about unearthing the next Olympian, we would hope that there will be participants in this mix who’ll go on to join a club or follow the sport.
“By getting more people involved in the sport through their school, university, swim school or winter club, we will not only have more people playing water polo but also be gaining more fans.
“Thanks to the commitment of our Water Polo States and the Development Officers in the region, we are already seeing great success in the first phase of the programs that have been rolling out,” he said.
Want to know more about Project 10X and programs available? Contact WPA on [email protected]
*Invasion games are games in which the aim is to invade an opponent's territory and score a goal or point. These are typically fast-paced games that need teamwork in order to control the ball, keep possession, move into a scoring position, and prevent the opposition from scoring.



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