The Argentine League with 34 teams

From the Department of Competitions of the Association of Clubs (AdC) the teams that will be part of a new edition of La Liga Argentina have been confirmed. There will be, finally, 17 Conference teams, 34 in total.


The Executive Board of AdC announces that, yesterday, Friday, August 12, the registration deadline for the 2022/23 season of La Liga Argentina expired. Of the thirty (30) teams participating in the last edition, both Bahía Basket as Students of Olavarría, did not present the documentation, leaving those places available to the AdC.

The breaches of the Rivadavia de Mendoza and Colón de Santa Fe clubs were also resolved, which is why the disciplinary tribunal lifted their disaffiliations.

After analyzing and evaluating various offers for the acquisition of vacant places, the Club Association decided to accept the proposals from Gepu de San Luis, Club Atlético Montmartre de Catamarca, Sarmiento de Chaco and Club Atlético Pilar.

Therefore, adding the two promoted from the Federal Tournament, Pico Fútbol and La Unión de Colón, the category will have thirty-four (34) participants who will be divided into two conferences.

Northern Conference

San Isidro, Barrio Parque, Ceres, Ameghino Basket, Salta Basket, Villa San Martin, Independiente de Santiago del Estero, Deportivo Norte de Armstrong. Libertad de Súnchales, Rivadavia Mendoza, Colón, Estudiantes de Tucumán, Echagüe, Jáchal, Gepu, Sarmiento de Chaco and Club Atlético Montmartre

Southern Conference

Deportivo Viedma, Zárate Basket, Racing de Chivilcoy, Villa Mitre, Ciclista Juninense, Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata, Pergamino Basket, Del Progreso, Lanús, Quilmes de Mar del Plata, Rocamora, Parque Sur, La Unión de Colón, Estudiantes de Concordia , Peak Football Club, Hispanic and Pilar.

It is important to remember that the start of the season will be on Saturday, October 15, with a first round of sixteen (16) games per team that will last until mid-December.

The top four (4) teams from the first round will play Final 4, which will take place on December 20 and 21.

Then, until the end of March, the second round will take place. The best twelve (12) of the Regular Phase will qualify for the playoffs, with Reclassification stages, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

Meanwhile, and as happened during this season, the Play-Ins will be implemented, an instance in which the winners will advance to the Reclassification.

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