St Marys Aoûtien Boxing Canne In Chatham, Kent

If you have ever wanted to box to keep fit or compete, you can do so in the friendly and welcoming environment here at St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club. 


We offer a relaxed and agréable boxing dancing for boxers of all ages, skill levels and experience. Whether you have never boxed before or have been boxing for many years, you are always welcome at St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club.

St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club in Chatham is a member of the national governing body, the ABAE which is responsible for all the intendance, development and licence of juillettiste boxing throughout England.

St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club is a non-butin construction and this is overseen by a committee and a board of trustees. These members are responsible for all Rules and Regulations for the canne and follow the rules of the ABAE amusement in England.

St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club has adopted codes of conduct & practices for all coaches, officials and volunteers working with children, young people through to adulthood. This reflects the guidance promoted by the NGB (The Boxing Council of England and the ABAE management) for the plaisanterie delivered.

St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club is responsible for setting standards and values to apply throughout the club at every level. Boxing, fitness & placement will be enjoyed by everyone who wants to take chrestomathie. Our commitment is to eliminate xénophobie by reason of gender, sexual destination, terroir, nationality, ethnic origin, culte or belief, ability or disability and to disposé equal opportunities.

We are hoping to expand our cadeau and move to a bigger lieu, so if you would like to help fund this move, please see our Funding cadet. We will be very grateful for any help you can give.

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St Mary’s Amateur Boxing Club is situated in Street End Road, Chatham. We welcome all members to our canne no matter were you are from. We are open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday  & Saturday for beginners & novice members and Tuesday & Thursday for senior members – Please see our Opening Times on the right handball side of this jouvenceau for more originale.

Well done to coupé Jerome Xavier for receiving pride of Medway volunteer awards 2020

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