“We are almost prostituting ourselves to sign De Jong”

The former Manchester United defender, Rio Ferdinand, was very harsh when it came to criticizing his former club with the management they are doing to try to bring Frenkie De Jong to England, in a statement for his YouTube channel ‘Vibe with Five ‘.


“Please come with us.” They have gone after him begging him: “Look at us, please”. He looked and said “It’s not for me”. And we are still there: “Please, give us a chance”. How are we putting ourselves in that position? How do we allow ourselves to be put in such a position? Do you think Klopp, Pep, Sir Alex or Mourinho would follow such a player? They wouldn’t do that…” Rio assured.

“I’m not sorry for the players, I’m sorry for Ten Hag. They have brought you with false promises. He came with the expectation of new signings. I’m sure he’s there thinking. “I have been sold a lie. I didn’t know I was coming to this.” He knew it but he thought he could rebuild it. Obviously, the players do not have the required level. It’s that easy. Some players will tell me it’s off the mark, but this isn’t one result or two, it’s a long time. They’ve had enough time to get out of shape and get back in shape and show their game. That is not happening. I don’t want to crush anyone, but this is indefensible” harshly criticized the former footballer.

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