Inter County Veterans’ Tennis – Lta

In the girls over 65s, Maureen Sowerby, team captain, reviews that the women’ first suit was a difficult domestic draw against the in form Cheshire women.


“Cheshire were very sturdy – their captain Alma failed to make any mistakes in any respect and turned into very consistant throught out the afternoon.  My ladies simply needed to try and keep advantageous and simply hold going – very difficult for them as it changed into very obvious from early on that we were outclassed.  Having said that our girls did revel in the tennis and were equipped to pop out fighting in opposition to our next opponents, Warwickshire”.

The ladies travelled to Warwick for this healthy and observed themselves playing on the Warwick Boat Club, a fantantastic venue for a tennis suit because the Courts are alongside the financial institution of the River Avon with the Castle battlements as a backdrop.

The result become a 2-2 draw but Warwickshire took the healthy on units,  5 to 4, even though the game rating became 38 each.  This become a superb effort by means of the team as it’s far usually tough to get out of a vehicle after a 3-4 hour drive then step on the court docket to play.  Both pairs misplaced their first rubbers 4 and three in very windy, hard situations. Warwickshire’s 1st pair have been very sturdy with their captain Sue Davies very constant.  Sue substituted herself for the 2d rubber which gave Devon’s second pair a hazard.  They took the primary set 6-zero and then hung on to take the 2d set 7-five.  Devon’s first pair misplaced their 1st set to the Warwickshire second pair (one girl spinning and slicing the ball which turned into very effective into the sideways wind), but once more recovered to take the second set 6-3.  This become then followed by a completely nail biting champtionship tie spoil which the Devon ladies received to even the suit.

1st pair: Rachel Smith (Exeter) / Sue Williams (Barnstaple)

second pair: Janet Wilson (Exmouth) / Sue Doncaster(North Devon)

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