Inter Counties Effects 2017

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1st Leicestershire 113

Jordan Peerless, Widukind Moormann, Craig O’Connor, Colin Verdelhan, Steven Hooker

trained by Fiona O’Connor

2nd Bedfordshire Yellow one hundred and one

3rd Royal Berkshire 98

4th Warwickshire ninety.5

fifth Hampshire 87

sixth Shropshire South eighty five.5

seventh Co Down Blue seventy four

8th South Staffordshire 64

1st Leicestershire Yellow 103

2d Sussex 94

3rd Brecon Stars ninety

4th Shropshire eighty three

fifth Northumberland Red 78

sixth West Glamorgan Red seventy four

7th Leicestershire Red 71

8th West Midlands 50

1st Mid Glamorgan Blue 96

second Hampshire South ninety three

third Yorkshire ninety three

4th County Armagh 90

fifth Hereford & Worcester 76

sixth Middlesex Red seventy one

7th Berkshire Green 70

8th Dorset 58


1st South Kent 113

2d Mid Cheshire ninety seven

third Nottinghamshire ninety one

4th County Tyrone 88

5th Brecon Stripes eighty five

6th Hampshire North 84.5

7th West Glamorgan White

8th Brecon 76

1st Leicestershire Bue 92

2nd Powys seventy eight

third West Sussex seventy six

4th Derbyshire seventy five

fifth Kent 69

sixth Denbighshire 64

7th West Kent 46

1ST Lancashire Silver 74

second Mid Glamorgan Stars seventy two

3rd Dorset Red 66

4th Northumberland Black sixty four

fifth Central Warwickshire 54

sixth Swansea forty five

1st Monmouthshire White one hundred twenty five

Emma Lockyer, April Bailey, Will Walton, Charlie Yates, Ben Hopkins

second Northumberland Red 104

3rd Bedfordshire Yellow ninety seven

4th Shropshire South 89

5th Mid Glamorgan Blue 88.five

sixth Surrey eighty.five

7th Mid Glamorgan Yellow seventy three

8th West Glamorgan Red sixty two


1st Central Warwickshire 88

2nd Co Tyrone eighty four

3rd Brecon Stars eighty two

4th Bedfordshire seventy nine

fifth Bedfordshire Blue 76

6th Northumberland Black sixty two

7th West Glamorgan Black 32

1st Dorset Red ninety three

2nd Mid Warwickshire 85

3rd Bedfordshire White 84

4th West Glamorgan White 78

5th Sussex 75

6th Denbighshire Dragons seventy one

7th Lancashire

1st Hertfordshire 108

Sophie Grimshaw, Jaime Medcalf, Jaimsye Bailey, Morgan Ham, Chelsie Ledger

educated by means of Steve Garrett

second Central Warwickshire 103

3rd West Midlands 78

4th South Wiltshire 77

fifth Dorset Red 72

6th West Glamorgan Red 63

7th Yorkshire 56

1ST Central Warwickshire 52

second Mid Warwickshire 52

third Lancashire 39

4th Central Warwickshire White 32

1st Brecon Stripes fifty three

second Northumberland 51

third Mid Glamorgan forty nine

4th Northamptonshire 15

Under 12 A FINAL

1st Monmouthshire White 102

Mackenzie Norton-Phibben, Jess Smith, Tillie Davies, Osian Williams, Sam Hopkins

skilled by way of Iain Hopkins

second Central Warwickshire one zero one

third North Warwickshire 98

4th Mid Glamorgan Purple 74

fifth South Wilts Wasps 73

sixth Mid Glamorgan Blue 60

seventh South Wilts All Blacks 50

1st Dorset Red ninety seven

2d Greater London North 86

3rd Buckinghamshire 81

4th West Midlands Black 70

5th Shropshire 60

6th Greater London South 60

7th Lancashire Tigers 50

1st Mid Glamorgan Yellow eighty three

second Mid Warwickshire 52

third Monmouthshire Stars 46

4th West Midlands White forty four

fifth Dorset White 39

1st Dorset South Dazzlers 172

2d Staffordshire 169

3rd Mid Lincolnshire 159

4th Derbyshire 157

fifth West Midlands sixty nine

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